2005 Visit

This is the first visit to the site, which lasted one day.
On 1 October 2005, S. Fares travelled to the al-Tubay region, accompanied by Dr Khaled Eskoubi (epigraphist, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage Riyadh), Ya’rub al-Hassan (archaeologist, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Tabuk) and a driver. The objective was to prepare a future prospecting project in the al-Tubayq region الطبيق. This area being very vast, we did not have much time (just one day) and no precise indication of the presence of the epigraphic remains, we got lost. Towards the end of the afternoon, after several hours of wandering we found a person guarding a police station in the desert. He told us that the main police station could accommodate us for the night. He led us to the place called “Kilwa”, which was not our objective and we didn’t know it.

View of the desert as we wander around
the police station

To reach the Kilwa post, the track is difficult, our car got stuck in the sand, fortunately we had the post guard to help us get out of there.

We arrive at the Kilwa station at nightfall. We were warmly greeted by the chief of the post, Abu Salman, who, after hearing our story, informs us that under our feet, very close to us, is a site with important remains.

The visitor who told us about Kilwa
The warm welcome
The team

The next day, October 2, 2005, we went to the site mentioned by the post manager. We took a few photographs and the head of the post took us to visit some epigraphic sites.

At the end of the morning we left Kilwa accompanied by the site guard, Abu Madi and his son, to avoid getting lost again. On the way we stopped to rest and to look for other archaeological and epigraphic sites.